Some of us voyage beyond
the ordinary.
Where will your next steps take you?
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Marmorino plaster - Street of Dreams

Marmorino plaster - Street of Dreams

Plaster and Metallic Ceiling close-up

Plaster and Metallic Ceiling close-up

Venetian Plaster Kitchen Fireplace

Venetian Plaster Kitchen Fireplace

Red Metallic Venetian Plaster

Faux kitchen glaze

Faux kitchen glaze

Moroccan red leather

Moroccan red leather

Metallic faux striped dining room with metallic ceiling

Gold glaze before and after images

Gold glaze after images II

Faux Strie kitchen

Street of Dreams I & II

Old World Plaster Bath

Brown Plaster

Troweled Venetian Plaster Bath w.Troweled Stencil Work

Distressed Antique Bath Cabinets

Whitewashed Fireplace

Troweled Red Moroccan Leather Faux

Old World Troweled Plaster #2

Old World Troweled Plaster

White Painted Cabinetry and Millwork + Stained Handrail

Cherry cabinets painted white with Dark Blue Island 3 0f 3

Cherry cabinets painted white with Dark Blue Island 2 of 3

Cherry cabinets painted white with Dark Blue Island 1 of 3

Olive Taupe Kitchen Cabinets

Faux Stria Bath Cabinets 2

Faux Stria Bath Cabinets

(After) Silver Gray Cabinet, Seattle

(After) Silver Gray Cabinet, Seattle

(After) Silver Gray Cabinet, Seattle

Antiqued Kitchen Cabinets... (4 of 4)

Antiqued Kitchen Cabinets with Distressed Copper Range Hood

Antiqued Kitchen Cabinets... (2 of 4)

Antiqued Kitchen Cabinets... (1 of 4)

Chinoiserie 14

Chinoiserie 13

Chinoiserie 12

Chinoiserie 11

Antiqued Bronzed Range Hood

Distressed Copper Range Hood

Before and after Gray Kitchen Cabinets


Portfolio painted front door 2 of 2

Portfolio painted front door 1 of 2

Antiqued Kitchen Cabinets 1 of 2

Antiqued Kitchen Cabinets (2 of 2)

Before/After - Whitewashed Fireplace

Faux Glaze Butler's Pantry

Faux Glaze Butler's Pantry


Dark Espresso Cabinets (2 of 2)

Dark Espresso Cabinets (1 of 2)

Venetian Plaster Master Bath (3 of 3)

Venetian Plaster Master Bath (2 0f 3)

Venetian Plaster Master Bath (1 of 3)

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets (3 of 3)

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets (2 of 3)

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets (1 of 3)

Silver Foil Metallic Foyer I

Silver Foil Metallic Foyer II

Metallic Faux

Troweled Red Metallic

Metallic finish master bedroom I

Metallic finish master bedroom II

Stained maple-to-black cabinets before/after

Pam Ellsworths Cabinet 4

Pam Ellsworths Cabinet 3

Pam Ellsworths Cabinet 2

Pam Ellsworths Cabinet 1

Aftershot / antiqued pine hutch closeup

Fireplace Metallic Glaze

Glaze work - large family room

Glaze work - large family room

Stencil Work Foyer Walls 1 of 2

Stencil Work Foyer Walls 2 of 2

General Painting Dining Room

General Painting; Living Room/Dining Room

Stencil Grape leaves and Clusters

Troweled Plaster Dining Room #1

Troweled Plaster Dining Room #3

Troweled Plaster Dining Room #2

Copper Metallic Lusterstone Fireplace

General painting

General painting

Marmarino Plaster Dining Room Street of Dreams

Faux woodgrain garage doors

Ghost Sign Mural

Faux Metal Door

Restoration at the Sheffield 1 of 2

Restoration at the Sheffield 2 of 2

Jewelry Store Metallic Ceiling 1 of 3

Jewelry Store Metallic Ceiling 2 of 3

Jewelry Store Metallic Ceiling 3 of 3

Capitol Hill Exterior 1 of 2

Capitol Hill Exterior 2 of 2


Staircases and railings 6 of 6

Staircases and railings 5 of 6

Staircases and railings 4 of 6

Staircases and railings 3 of 6

Staircases and railings 2 of 6

Staircases and railings 1 of 6

Staircases and railings 1b of 6

Before & After Dark oak to white and gray

We spend most of our lives
within walls. willingly. Make them Exceptional.

Walls Faux You

My passion and decades of experience.
Your beautiful home.
Let's talk about a transformation
from bland to extraordinary.
Let me show you possibilities.

A true artist
is not one who is inspired,
but one who inspires others.
Salvador Dali

My Specialties

I have a unique
blend of talent and experience that allows
me to offer such a diverse
range of services.


● Interior painting ● Millwork ● Old World plasters ● Venetian plasters ● Layered metallics ● Lusterstone ● Glazework ● Cabinet refinishing ● Painting/staining ● Cabinet Faux Finish ● Murals ● Chinoiserie ● Italian Frescos ● Faux Bois ● Ceiling Modellos ● Dimensional Stencil Work ● Stencil Embellishments ● Moroccan Faux Leather ● Crackle finish ● Marbling ● Faux Linen ● Hammered Metal ● Layered European plasters ● Fall-away plasters ● Embedded plasters ● Furniture antiquing


Allow me to bring
your vision to life.
Karen DiAngelo


What is a faux finish?

Does “sponging”, “rag-rolling” or one-dimensional stencils come to mind when you hear faux finish? Today’s finishes are much more elegant and elaborate and reflect the work of the artisans of old when this craft was first incorporated into homes, churches and buildings in centuries past. Faux Finishes are like a commissioned piece of art that is applied to walls, ceilings, cabinets or furniture. It is not unlike commissioning an artist to do framed art on canvas for your home, except for the fact that the scope is usually larger than an oil painting, obviously.

A Faux Finish is a technique that is applied to walls, ceilings, cabinets or furniture with the use of many varied products and applications. These techniques can enhance or alter a room or any surface to which it is applied. Colors can be blended and intermingled, such as in Glaze work, or texture can be applied by troweled plasters to create many varied looks that will create old world ambiance or an ultra modern feel to any room or surface. 

A Faux Finish will add color, depth, texture, atmosphere, ambiance and art to any surface. A room or piece of furniture can be completely altered to reflect a different feel than the existing one. Faux Finishes cannot be surpassed for creating beautiful and artistic backdrops for art, wall hangings or furniture and fabrics.

Cabinet Faux Finishes can alleviate the need to replace or reface old and worn out cabinets in kitchens and baths. Finishes can be applied that will create wood grain, antiqued or distressed looks, modern flares or that will completely camouflage old worn out cabinets and give an updated personality to a kitchen or bath. 

How do I get started?

Step #1: Call or e-mail and make an appointment for a consultation. In this initial phone conversation we will cover some basic information such as your contact information, your “Vision” for the room, size of the room or project, timeframes and most important the BUDGET you want to work within.

Step#2: At our first meeting on the job site we will talk about ideas, color palettes, the style of Faux Finish that will work within your budget and existing style of décor. Karen will take measurements and notes about what you want to accomplish. This information will allow Karen to draw up an estimate for the cost of the project and to submit a firm price in her proposal. Karen, the artistic designer of Walls “Faux” You will bring dozens of sample boards to consider and inspire ideas for the project. Karen’s goal will be helping you “create your vision” for your project and to work within your budget. A deposit will be required to secure a start date, which will be outlined on the proposal. When the start date arrives Walls “Faux” You will call a day or two ahead to confirm and will show up as scheduled and will remain on the job until completion. Karen never pulls off of a job to work on another project during the execution of your project.

Why do you ask me what my budget is?

Karen asks this question much like an interior designer or remodeling contractor would because everyone should have a budget in mind when embarking on any project in his or her home. Faux Finishes have a wide range of prices. This is determined by the technique chosen, the complexity of the application and the products used to create the finished look. This process is similar to purchasing a new automobile. The price is determined my how many bells and whistles are included. Usually a base price is determined and then amenities are added according to the budget a buyer wants to apply.

Once I know your budget I can suggest techniques that will fit within that framework. This saves time considering finishes that may be more than a client wants to spend. 

Do I need to work with an interior designer?

It’s not necessary, however you may find it helpful especially in choosing a design concept, furniture, lighting, artwork and fabrics to complete the new look of your room. Karen can refer a qualified designer if you do not currently have one that you work with.

Do you provide sample boards prior to starting a project?

Yes, if a sample is not chosen from the dozens of existing samples in Karen’s portfolio; Karen will design one in her studio prior to starting the project. You will be presented with this sample to view at the site of the project to see exactly how it will look. Any alterations will be discussed at this time. Once a sample has been chosen Karen will ask you to sign off on it.

There is a charge for designing a sample board due to the amount of product and the time involved in creating one. The charge is varied due to complexity of the technique and the cost of material purchased to create the board. The sample remains the property of Karen’s portfolio, as she will use it for future ideas and clients. 

Can I get pricing over the phone for my project?

The answer to this is no. There are many factors that go into the pricing of a faux technique:

  1. The scope of the project. (How much square footage, how many rooms etc.)
  2. The condition of the substrate (walls, ceiling or cabinets)
  3. Configuration of walls. (Height, width and if scaffolding will be necessary etc.)
  4. The types of finish chosen. (Glaze work, troweled plaster, embellished plasters or Metallics etc.)


These factors make it impossible to give prices over the phone without seeing and discussing the project. While this can be frustrating it does allow for a much more accurate proposal and allows the client to determine how serious he or she is in deciding whether to incorporate a Faux Finish into their home.

What do I need to do before the project start date?

If possible, remove any breakable objects and art work, and store them in a safe location. Please have the furniture placed in the center of the room, and remove wall hangings from the walls. We can assist with this, if you need some help. We will cover the floors and furniture, to avoid any damage. 

Karen will discuss what type of base coating is required. In some cases it will be necessary to have an area prepared, prior to beginning the project. Any preparation requirements will be discussed and outlined beforehand.

Can I use the room while the project is in progress?

Usually this will be possible, although in some instances the scope of the work will not allow this for the duration of the job. We will clean up at the end of each day, and store our supplies in a designated space, for as little disruption as possible. 

How long does a project usually take?

Every project and every space is different. Typically, a single room takes between one to four days. The number of layers and difficulty will determine the exact length of the job. Drying time between layers is also something that can't be rushed.

Will the walls look exactly like the sample?

Since the sample board is typically a 2 ft. x 2 ft. board, you should expect slight variations. Existing texture can play a role in the overall look, but we try to get the sample as true to the project as possible. Keep in mind that this is hand finished unique artwork. We always make sure you are satisfied with the end result.

When is payment due?

Final payment is due when the project is complete.


Reach out to me.
I will reach back.