Karen Di Angelo is the owner/artist of Walls Faux You, which is licensed, bonded and insured for residential and commercial projects.

Recently, Karen applied seven separate faux finish techniques in Chan's Place Chinese restaurant in Woodinville, including two Rain Forest marble-effect columns at the entrance to the restaurant.

Karen loves to enhance her client’s surroundings. To accomplish this she concentrates on listening and understanding her client’s desires in order to bring her client’s “Visions” to life. She strives to offer techniques that will fit within her client’s budgets and ideas.

Karen began her career in the art of Faux Architectural Techniques in 1998. She studied and graduated under well-known Kelley King of the Faux Finishing Academy, Kathy from the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes and Rodney Ray. Continuing her education at the Seattle Architectural Finishing School and Out of this World Fine Finishes in Kirkland, Washington and becoming a certified applicator of Skimstone has further enhanced the many exquisite finishes that have become a part of Karen’s portfolio.

Karen was a participant in the 2005 and 2006 Street of Dreams in the Seattle area and has been featured in the DIGS insert of the Seattle Times in 2005 and 2007. Karen is a member of International Decorative Artisans League and Emerald City Artisans of Seattle. Karen is also a member of the Heartlink Network. She was awarded the “Women of Excellence” award in 2008 and has joined the National Kitchen and Bath Association of Puget Sound in 2009. 

One of Karen’s most cherished accomplishments was to be involved in the restoration of the Sheffield Building in 2004-2005 on Capital Hill in Seattle. Walls Faux You restored and recreated original 1928 faux finishes done by long forgotten artisans on walls and ceilings. This involved the walls and ceiling of the large foyer, restoring damaged murals on the landings of each stairwell, completely refinishing the interior doors and moldings with faux wood graining and applying a marble faux finish on concrete phone niches in each unit. It was thrilling to restore this beautiful artwork and to try to imagine the artists who did the original art.

Walls Faux You also created a fantasy marble faux finish for 40 fireplace surrounds at the Plaza Del Sol (a condominium renovation) on Capital Hill in Seattle.

Karen DiAngelo is recognized by developers, remodeling companies, interior designers and hundreds of residents of the greater Seattle and Eastside areas as an accomplished Architectural Technician and Faux Finish Artist.