Does “sponging”, “rag-rolling” or one-dimensional stencils come to mind when you hear faux finish? Today’s finishes are much more elegant and elaborate and reflect the work of the artisans of old when this craft was first incorporated into homes, churches and buildings in centuries past. Faux Finishes are like a commissioned piece of art that is applied to walls, ceilings, cabinets or furniture. It is not unlike commissioning an artist to do framed art on canvas for your home, except for the fact that the scope is usually larger than an oil painting, obviously.

A Faux Finish is a technique that is applied to walls, ceilings, cabinets or furniture with the use of many varied products and applications. These techniques can enhance or alter a room or any surface to which it is applied. Colors can be blended and intermingled, such as in Glaze work, or texture can be applied by troweled plasters to create many varied looks that will create old world ambiance or an ultra modern feel to any room or surface. 

A Faux Finish will add color, depth, texture, atmosphere, ambiance and art to any surface. A room or piece of furniture can be completely altered to reflect a different feel than the existing one. Faux Finishes cannot be surpassed for creating beautiful and artistic backdrops for art, wall hangings or furniture and fabrics.

Cabinet Faux Finishes can alleviate the need to replace or reface old and worn out cabinets in kitchens and baths. Finishes can be applied that will create wood grain, antiqued or distressed looks, modern flares or that will completely camouflage old worn out cabinets and give an updated personality to a kitchen or bath.