• “Faux Bois” is a French term meaning “fake wood" and is used to give a "French laundry" effect in this project.

  • Blasé white metal garage doors transformed into faux wood grain beauties. The challenge in this project was to give a metal medium a wood grain appearance, as well as an uplifting, exciting finish.

  • This "Ghost Sign Mural" is a replica of early century exterior advertising signage on brick buildings.

  • These faux metal doors, replicating an "iron-clad" effect, were created for the entranceway to the kitchen of the Archer Hotel, Redmond, Washington. It was created with metal-reactive paints. No metal was used in the door, other than the metal content in the paint.

  • One of Karen Di’Angelo’s favorite projects was a restoration of an original Faux Finish at the Sheffield Bldg. in Seattle. Walls “Faux” You restored and recreated an original 1928 Faux Finish done by long forgotten artists.

  • The E.E. Robbins jewelry store in Tukwila was the setting for this project. An 8,000 sq. ft. ceiling was enhanced with a Faux Metal Glaze application. Karen brought in another artist and an assistant to complete this enormous job in 8 days. Each square of the ceiling was constructed of pyramided slats that were all evenly glazed to simulate a metal look.

  • The outside entry and flower boxes of this old brick building in Seattle was enhanced by Karen Di’Angelo’s bronze and old gold embellishments. The flower boxes were reached by using a “cherrypicker” lift.

  • Summerwalk, a development in Issaquah, Wa. was remodeled in 2007. Karen was brought in to do a fantasy wood grain technique to 15 columns in the lobby area and the Meeting Facility room.

    Each column was painted with a base coat and hand wood grained with a special technique developed by Karen. These columns helped to create a beautiful new recreation center and gave it a distinguished artful appearance. Many families now enjoy this facility with its new look.